Easter Dinner

Easter Dinner 
My mother would be proud. When I was growing up my mother would occasionally cook brussels sprouts and expect us to enjoy them as much as she did. I could not stand to eat them so I was always the last one to leave the table. We couldn’t leave until we finish all of our food. Her reasoning, there were starving children in the world who did not have food and would love to eat these vegetables. 😝
Well here I am today almost 60 years and for the first time in my life I actually enjoyed eating brussels sprouts! Maybe my taste buds have matured or finding a recipe that I liked made them delicious to eat. Of course adding bacon and asparagus helped a lot! Even my grandkids ate them.
Mom would be proud ~ it’s never to late to try something new.


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You would think that with my Irish roots from both parents – that somewhere along the way I would have learned how to cook a few Irish dishes.  Not the case – needless to say my husband was surprised when I said I never made Corn Beef and Cabbage.  But by golly I was going to make it this St. Patrick’s Day.  This is the beauty of the internet – you can find all kinds of recipes and tutorials.  




Corn Beef dinner

So I started with a prepared version from Costco and just followed the directions from a recipe I found on Simply Recipes by Elise. I wasn’t sure which one to cook (baked or boil) so I made both. 


Corn Beef & CabbageThis is the baked version which was absolutely delicious. This is the one I served to my husband the night before the dinner party.  I wanted to do a test run just in case it didn’t turn out good.  This way I could always run out to the store and buy another one before the dinner party.

2014-03-16 15.39.44 2014-03-16 15.39.49

I took the left over corn beef, added more cabbage, potatoes, carrots and threw it in the crock pot for several hours.  This is the one I served on Sunday for our St. Patrick’s Day Dinner on the porch.  Everyone said it was very delicious.








JJ & Bobby

My very own fan club – they gave me all hands up for this dish. 








Table all set and ready for St. Patrick’s Day Dinner with Family and Friends.







2014-03-17 12.31.54



Cute little shamrock pasta as a side dish.








And of course can’t have an Irish dinner without Potato Soup.